Asian Case Studies

This report “Sustainable Consumption: Asian Case Studies” is a part of the Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption. Other than a few acquired through a desk research, most of the cases were personally experienced by me during the country review visits. The case studies provide the reader a cross section of activities in Asia as efforts made by various organizations from government to civil society and industry towards capacity building for sustainable consumption. I am overwhelmed by the Asian experience from China to India, Malaysia to Sri Lanka, Indonesia to Bangladesh, Cambodia to Nepal, Thailand to Pakistan, Vietnam to Laos, and eternally grateful for sharing that knowledge, which I in return wish to share with you.

Case Study Summary
1. A Legal Arsenal of the Philippine Environment
2. Ban on Polythene Shopping Bags in Bangladesh
3. Business Performance Rating System & Eco-office Programme
4. Comparison and Analysis of the Efficacy of Applying Chemical Fertilizers and Ecological Fertilizers in Typical Areas in China
5. Campaign to mitigate air pollution from motor vehicles in the Dhaka City
6. Capacity Building and Policy Reinforcement for Waste Management in Cambodia
7. China BELL (Business, Environment, Learning and Leadership in China)
8. China Environmental Labelling Scheme & its Impact on Chinese Society
9. CII Community Development Project in Bihar
10. Comparative Testing of Products in India
11. Community Based Sustainable Tourism Project
12. Consumer Protection Act of 1986, Consumer Protection Council & Consumer Courts in India
13. Consumer Electronic Re-cycling in China
14. “Cotton Bag Program”
15. Deposit Refund Scheme For Battery Treatment
16. Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (Republic Act 9003)
18. Environmental Court Act, 2000 of Bangladesh
19. Environmental Hygiene Awareness Campaign
20. Essential Health Care Program of BRAC
21. Executive Order No. 301 : “Establishing a Green Procurement Program for All Departments, Bureaus, Offices and Agencies of the Executive Branch of Government
22. Fuel Substitution In The Rural Sector
23. Garbage Bank
24. Grameen Bank Model of Micro Credit for the Poor and the “Struggling Member Programme (for Beggars)”
25. Green Choice Philippines – the National Ecolabelling Programme and the Granting of Seal to the Pride Powder Laundry Detergents
26. Green Community Foundation
27. Green Kampong
28. "Green Label Scheme" and "Green Purchasing Network (GPN)"
29. Green Technology Audit and Implementation
30. Impartial Product Testing Laboratory in India
31. Income Generation from Waste for Waste Pickers in Cambodia
32. Indonesian Livable Communities Initiative
33. IT Waste Re-cycling in China
34. Lead Acid Battery Recovery and Recycling Program —Balik-Baterya (Battery Return) and Bantay Baterya ( Battery Watch )
35. Organic Agriculture Development (Organic standard/regulation and organic certifier body)
36. Nationwide Search for Model Barangays for Eco-waste Management System
37. Nayakrishi Andolon: Planting the Seeds of Joy - An Initiative of Bangladesh Peasants for a Better Living
38. Partnering The Reconstruction And Rehabilitation Work in Gujarat
39. Promoting Circular Economy in China
40. Philippine Clean Air Act (Republic Act 8749)
41. Rain Water Harvesting in Tamil Nadu
42. Republic Act (RA) 9275 (The Philippine Clean water Act of 2004)
43. “Magic Eye”
44. Recycling of flowers offered Gods in Temples in Mumbai
45. Rules And Regulations Implementing The Environmental User Fee System In The Laguna De Bay Region
46. The Dawn or “Rung Arun” Project (Energy and Environmental Education in Thailand)
47. Take back system for lead-acid batteries
49. The Greenest Steel Plant in the World
50. TERI Corporate Awards for Environmental Excellence & Corporate Social Responsibility
51. TOGA: The Green Pharmacy
52. Vehicular Pollution Control In New Delhi, India
53. Waste Not